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welcome to my knitting website!

hi! my name is ivory. i like to knit. html is hard. neocities is cool.

how do i start knitting?

this is not really a website for true beginners, simply because i am not a very good teacher. i learned to knit when i was 8 so i don't really remember what it's like not to knit, and i can only impart knitting wisdom from the viewpoint of a 3rd grader. if you know how to cast on, bind off, knit and purl, you'll be comfortable here.

that being said, after my mom taught me those basics, the rest i learned myself from debbie stoller's stitch n' bitch books (thrilling title for a tween btw). if there aren't any copies at your local library, i think libgen or mobilisms should have a PDF of it. elizabeth zimmerman's knitting without tears is also very good. the internet as a whole is a great resource, whether you like to learn from videos, pictures, or written tutorials.

knitting & crochet have a very low cost barrier to entry. simply go to any thrift store's hobby section, where they're sure to have needles, hooks, and yarn. if you know any knitters, we're also pretty much always happy to give away all the shit we accumulate

some places i found free patterns as a kid: knittingpatterncentral, knittymag.